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From this article, we will explain how you can open KEY file, what you’ll need and how you can edit. Everything will be broken down so that you can do it by yourself while you read. If you have problems opening the key file, it means you are a windows user since these types of files are designed for Apple devices.

However, if you have neither a MacBook or an iPhone, you can still open keynote files to view its content, and you can edit them as well. This is amazing especially if you have to work with someone who has created a presentation on an Apple device.


What is .KEY File Extension

A .KEY is a presentation file created with the keynote software for apple devices. It is essentially the apple version of what windows users call a. PPT file made with PowerPoint. Like with a lot of apple software, Keynote is only available to be used on Apple devices.

This explains why you as a windows user are having problems opening and editing this file. Files saved with the .key extension can contain different types of data, e.g. texts, images, XML data, etc. All of these are used to provide and document information that might be important to you.

How to Open KEY File

If you have a MacBook, you click on the file to open and it does so without any glitches, however with a windows device, you will need to follow the following steps to open your file.

How to Open KEY File

When you are trying to open KEY file, you have options to either work on the file or work with a file opener. If you have a MacBook available to you, you can easily revert to that to try to save the file again, but if you don’t, you can do everything from your windows.

Method 1: Using iCloud

If you don’t have access to a MacBook, and the file was not converted to a readable format by the creator, you can still edit it with your windows by using iCloud.

A lot of windows users have iCloud anyways because it enhances sharing and working on files with apple users. If you don’t have an iCloud account, don’t worry, creating one is fast and easy.

#1 – Create your iCloud account – Go to the iCloud website to create your account. You can create a free account by clicking on ‘Create Apple ID’ at the bottom left of the screen. Fill in all necessary information and you are good to go.

#2 – Log in with your Apple ID: Enter your Apple ID to log into your account so that you can have access to using apps designed for Apple devices.

#3 – Launch Keynote application: When you are logged in, click on the ‘Keynote” icon to open the application. The icon is a blue box with an image of a presentation screen in it. Usually, the name of the application is written underneath so it is not difficult to locate.

#4 – Upload the File: You can upload the file into the keynote app through the settings tab which is placed at the top of the dialogue box. It looks like a grey icon of a gear, placed just beside a plus sign at the top of the dialogue box. This will open your file explorer so that you can select the file to upload.

#5 – Edit as needed: With the file uploaded, it opens automatically and you can make all necessary edits that you want. Some people enjoy the Keynote interface and design and will prefer to prepare a presentation on Keynote rather than PowerPoint.

If you do not have any editing to do, you can proceed to save the file immediately, you can also decide to save the file as a PowerPoint file and then make your edits with your PowerPoint program. The choice will depend on which program you are familiar with.

#6 – Save the File: Haven done your desired edits, you should save your file in a format you like. At the top right of your interface, you will see an icon of a spanner, click on it to display a drop-down menu. Select ‘download a copy’ and choose the format you will like to save your file as.

You can still save your edited file as a .key file if you wish (if you will be sharing the file with an apple user). Alternatively, you can decide to save the file as a PowerPoint file for easy access at a later time.

If this is a one-time process for you, it might not be necessary to download iCloud for your windows, you can do everything via the web portal. However, if you think you will be working with apple users often, then you can download the software.

Method 2: Using File Viewer

If any of these looks complicated, you can simply perform the task with a third-party file viewer installed on your device. The benefit of having one of these is that you can work with different file formats, not limited to just .KEY files. Many people find a file viewer handy at one point in time.

With this, you can simply launch the file viewer and browse the file you are working with. Then open it. File viewers also allow you to convert files from one format to another.

How to Convert KEY File

Using iCloud

You can convert the KEY file using iCloud services, by downloading a copy of the file in a readable PowerPoint format as explained in Method 1 above.

Using Apple devices

The second option includes sharing the file in a different format. If you use an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you can choose the format you want when sending the file.

Go to the file manager and opt to ‘Send a file’ and after selecting the file, you can choose a format to send as from the dialogue box displayed at the right. Choose the Microsoft PowerPoint format and send it.

Using a File Converter

Launch the File Converter like Zamzar and browse for your file. Select the format you want the new file to be and select ‘Convert’. This method is the same for offline and online converters.


1. Can I open a .KEY file using Powerpoint?

Yes, in most cases. But files with the .key extension are presentation files that cannot be opened directly on MS-PowerPoint since it uses .ppt or .pptx file extensions.

You can either export the .key file from Keynote to .ppt or .pptx or convert it online using Zamzar for you to be able to open the presentation on PowerPoint.

2. How do I open KEY file on my Android device?

If you convert a file to .ppt format, it will be able to open on an android. You can use any of the methods mentioned above to convert your file. With an android, you can use a file converter or use iCloud service to save the file as a different format.

3. How do I convert .KEY to PDF file format?

Any method that allows you to convert a .KEY file to .ppt file will also allow you to convert it to a PDF file format. Therefore, the three methods for opening a .KEY file can be used, you only have to select PDF as the file format instead of .ppt.

4. What apps I can use to convert .KEY file?

FileViewer is an app that can be used to open and convert your .key file. It also works with several file formats.

5. What Online Converters are available to convert .KEY files?

Online converters like Cloud Convert, Zamzar, Document Online converter, etc. can help you convert your file. Simply visit their websites, upload your file and convert it.


You might often have to work with .KEY file on your windows device or your android and it is important that you know how to open and edit these kinds of files on your device. You can do this with an Apple device, or you can do it straight from your device by following any of the methods above.

You should note that converting a .KEY file to a .ppt file will make it look different because there may be some settings e.g. fonts that are not compatible with PowerPoint. In cases like this, PowerPoint will ask to give them the default settings available, it is safe to allow it to do so.

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