TerraGenesis – Space Settlers For PC Windows & Mac Download

TerraGenesis is a mobile strategy game for Android and iOS devices which has the main objective of colonizing the Solar system in its entirety. At the beginning of TerraGenesis, you have the option of choosing any of four factions where each has its colonization benefits. After choosing your faction, the next is to choose your home planet before the conquest of the entire solar system begins.

For you to be able to create a space empire that remains strong on its own over time, there are a couple of things you must ensure. The planets have to be able to provide support for human life. You must also have control over oxygen levels, air pressure, and sea level. In the same vein, new technologies must be developed while keeping the inhabitants organized.



TerraGenesis is a free strategy game that gives you free access to play with the first four planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth. To access the other stages that involve the other planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus, you will need to buy the pro version of the game to unlock these other planets.

TerraGenesis For PC Windows & Mac Download

As interesting as this game is to play on mobile, users will find it disappointing that there is no official PC version of the game for Windows PC or MacBook. For many, they love to play their favorite games on a larger screen and being unable to install an official PC version of the app is such a bummer. However, there is hope; and that is to use an emulator. With an android emulator, you can play TetraGenesis on your Windows PC or MacBook.

Features of TerraGenesis – Space Settlers

Let’s see the features that TetraGenesis has to offer.

  • Colony Builder: Play this game and join one of the four interstellar factions that each offer various benefits to colonization. With the colony builder feature, you get to create pressurized habitats for your colonists so that they can withstand hostile environments and survive. This feature also allows you to make changes to your planet, such as altering the oxygen level, air pressure level, and sea level so that it will support human life. From the stats summary page, you can monitor the progress of your civilization.
  • Discover Planets & Moons: This feature in the game gives you the power to colonize planets in the Solar system including Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars as well as the other planets when you upgrade to the pro version. Change the form of the moon of Earth and the Moons of Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus in a process called terraforming. Establish colonies on fictional planets such as Ragnarok, Bacchus, Lethe, and Pontus. You can also terraform smaller planets such as Charon, Pluto, Makemake, Sedna, and Eris. Lastly, melt ice caps to form oceans so that the planet can be supportive of life.
  • Biosphere Simulator: This feature enables you to build a functioning ecosystem using custom organisms that can interact with one another. Use 64 unique genes and 26 phyla to create different organisms that will make your world home. Using the Biosphere Simulator feature, you can manage the various lifeforms as they survive in different biospheres such as aquatic and terrestrial. Also, use elevation and surface maps to bring up random worlds.

TerraGenesis For PC Windows Download

  • First of all, Download and Install Bluestacks Emulator from here.
  • Once it is installed. You’ll see the Bluestacks icon on your desktop. Click on it to Launch the Emulator.
  • Click on Google Play Store from the Homepage of the Bluestacks app.
  • Sign in or Create a new account and Type “TerraGenesis” in the search bar.
  • Find the TerraGenesis app from appeared search results and Click on Install.
  • It will take a few seconds to install TerraGenesis on your PC Windows device.
  • Great. You have successfully installed TerraGenesis for PC Device. Click on TerraGenesis from the Bluestacks to start using it. Enjoy!

TerraGenesis For Mac Download

  • First Off, Download and Install Nox App Player for your Mac device from here.
  • Once the installation process is finished, launch the Nox App Player or Navigate to your Mac desktop and Click on Nox icon to open it.
  • Upon successful Launch, You will see Google Play Store on the Nox. Click on it to Open.
  • Search “TerraGenesis” and Install it.
  • Wait for few seconds and TerraGenesis will be ready to use on your Mac device. Enjoy!

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TerraGenesis is a free strategy game that puts you in complete control and enables you to create things. It is free with optional in-app purchases that have no bearing on you getting a complete experience while playing the game. With the emulators we have recommended, you can enjoy the game on your PC and colonize as many planets as you can.

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