List of 9 Best Sony Smart TV Apps (2021)

Before jumping to the List of Sony Smart TV apps and its hullaballoo lets have a look at what Smart TV is. A Smart TV is a digital television sometimes referred to as connected TV or Hybrid TV is a television with internet-enabled an interactive web feature. Now think of your experience and love of watching your favorite series, movies, comedian, trending YouTube videos on your smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Now enjoy them on a bigger and better than ever experience with Sony Smart TV Apps.

Sony is a pioneer when it comes to present generation television. And now just like your smartphone, your TV offers you an utmost experience of hundreds of Apps to connect with. And the Sony Smart TV is a hub of a large collection of apps, whether its streaming latest shows and movies, playing games, or pulling world’s information around you there are numerous available Apps available for all the Sony Smart TV.


Best Sony Smart TV Apps List

Sony Smart TVs since their launch have become one of the most popular TV product. The idea behind this product is to offer the users access to built-in apps in their TV device akin to smartphones. The Google Store hosts an extensive collection of streaming staples like Netflix, YouTube etc. that you can download on your TV.

Best Sony Smart TV Apps List 2018

There are tons of applications available which might confuse the users as to which are the must-have apps. In this article, we have at Techrapt, narrowed down a list of 9 applications that you can download to enjoy a quality streaming experience on your Smart TV.


Netflix is an American over-the-top media service provider. With Netflix, you can watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, drama series, kids series, and many more on your favorite device. You can start watching on one device and resume on another device. All you need to start watching your favorite show is a compatible internet connection and a Netflix app.


Plex is a great application to stream media on your device from anywhere at any time. It is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems including smart TVs. The videos are played via Plex’s media server and you can connect Plex to your computer by configuring the ‘Preferences’ settings. The media files are organized from the users’ personal libraries or over the Internet.


Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service available on Sony Smart TV that offers a vast collection of movies, on and off-air TV shows and web series. The users can enjoy streaming these shows via Hulu and are also allowed to record their picks with the DVR functionality. With this app you get 50 hours’ worth storage space so that you can enjoy your favorite shows later at ease. It also offers unlimited streaming over Wi-Fi connections.


Who doesn’t know about YouTube? Chances are less for the answer to be No. YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing services where enjoyer can enjoy watching videos, post comments on the videos they like, can share any video and upload their own video.

The video service can be accessed on PCs, mobile phones, tablets and on Smart TV. To watch on your smart TV, you can download the YouTube app on the select TV device, or stream YouTube from your preferred mobile device or computer.


Spotify is a digital music service provider developed by Swedish company Spotify Technology. Listen to your loved track on your speakers or TV, with Spotify App having access to millions of songs.  Spotify lets you play your music your way by making your own playlist you can enjoy your own music and skip the other.

Spotify is a world of music when it comes to stream top international songs. Due to is easy accessibility you can listen to an artist from anywhere around the world, anytime.

Google Play Movies and TV Shows

Google Play Movies and TV is a smart way to find your favorite shows that you want to stream on your device. You can buy or the latest movies and shows from this app and any item that you buy is eligible for download so that you can watch them later. Almost all the movies available on Google Play Movies and TV are in HD quality. Not only can you buy or rent a movie but Google Play Movies also shows you where the videos can be streamed.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another on-demand online video streaming service operated by Amazon. It has an extensive media library with multiple channels with over 15000 movies and TV shows available that you can stream on your device and it also possess a selection of its own original TV content. Amazon Prime has apps available for TVs and you can download it free from your TVs app center. It comes with a 30 day free trial period after which you can extend the services by paying the subscription charges.


Vudu is another popular video streaming application that lets you stream, buy or rent movies. Popular app has a wide range of movies and TV shows in its library. You can buy or rent you’re the new and latest shows or simply stream them using this app. The wish list feature of this app lets you add media which you can manage any time. The movies bought through Vudu can be downloaded for later watch.

MX Player

There are numerous media apps available on google play, but MX Player is one of few which available apps which will give you high video experience. It is Powerful, free, secure and loved by most of its user, video player with all audio format supported counting AC-3, MP3, AAC, etc.

If you have any video file that doesn’t play on your android device or tablet give it a try to MX Player. And now you can watch your video on your Smart TV with MX Player app installed on your TV and enjoy top-notch video experience.

Last Words

Wrapping it up, the goal of Sony’s Smart TV is to enable the viewers to have access to a variety of online TV shows and movies on their TV. The above article gives brief about only a few apps available on the Sony Smart TV besides all the above-mentioned apps, there are numerous other available apps you can enjoy on your bigger screen for an exceptional entertainment experience. With the popular applications made suitable for TV screen, Sony smart TV has expanded the capabilities of the TV to a considerable extent. 

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