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In this article, we’ll help you to learn how to open ENC File and everything about .ENC file extension. In navigating a computerized world, it is common to come across new phrases, error messages and file extensions that pose challenges to us and disrupt the flow of our work.

As a computer user or internet researcher, you have probably encountered certain files with ‘.enc’ as their file extensions or ‘suffix’. You have tried to open these files and your system provides an error message like, “how do you want to open this file?” or “Windows cannot open this File.” depending on what Operating System you are using.

You’re probably here because you cannot open ENC file and you want to know why and how. let’s begin with some basics.


What is .ENC File Extension?

ENC is an abbreviation that simply means “encrypted”. I know, it is not as complex as you expected. There are five basic types of files that use the .enc extension:

  • Encoded File
  • Electronic Navigation Chart File
  • Cabal Online Data File
  • Encore Musical Notation File
  • Copysafe Protected PDF File

How to Open ENC File

It is an encoded file that uses different standard or proprietary encodings (mostly UuEncoding technology), usually by the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet in order to prevent unauthorized access to its content.

What this does is that it protects the author of the content from indiscriminate use of his or her intellectual property, it also helps organizations, like the Military to protect confidential information. Furthermore, it helps the author(s) ensure that there are no alterations to the content sought to be protected.

An ENC file is also encoded so that the file can be set up for a particular use, for instance – Internet transfer.

UuEncoding technology is a binary-to-text encoding format from a program (UUEncode) that encodes binary data for transmission across the Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol (UUCP) mail system.

How to Open ENC File

Opening an ENC file is no big deal once the necessary applications are available. However, it is important to note that, while ENC files with standard encodings can be opened by most Universal File viewing applications, those created with proprietary encodings can only be opened with the application that encoded them.

When you are faced with an encrypted file, the first thing you should do is check out what type of ENC file it is and if you have an application that can open it; this is because some applications can open multiple types of files and most ENC files fall under the category of Page Layout Files.

To figure out what kind of file your ENC file is, right-click on the file name and select ‘Properties’, or ‘More Info’ or ‘Type of File’ or ‘Kind’, depending on what kind of Operating System you are using.

When you have identified the kind of ENC file it is, Search your computer for a program that can open Page Layout Files and try to use it to open ENC File, if it does not open, then it may be time to figure out what program created it.

If you cannot find any program to open my ENC file, the right thing to do would be to contact the Software developer of your program. Some Software Developers and their software are:

  • Microsoft Developer  –           BlackIce Evidence Log File, Video File, Dungeon related File.
  • GVOX                           –           Encore (Music Notation File).
  • ArtistScope                 –           CopySafe PDF Encrypted File
  • MPact Technologies   –           My Personal Programmer (Encrypted Distributed Project).

How do I convert ENC File?

This is the process of changing the nature or size of a file in order to make access easier. The most common way to go about this is to get the software to decompress or un-encrypt the file. Some common software includes; WinZip 16 by Corel for Windows users, StuffIt Deluxe 16 from Smith Micro for Mac and Windows users, Decryption Tool, Census of Employment and Wages by Bureau of Labor Statistics, Knowledgeware Encyclopedia, etc.

It is worthy of note that ENC files can be converted to PDF, JPG, MP3, etc. formats.


What is a File Extension?

Every file name has a dot (.) after it and some letters after the dot. File extension is the suffix after the filename, that is, the letters that come after the ‘dot’. It tells the user the nature of the file and the kind of applications that can open it. For instance, in the file name justin.mp3, the file extension is “mp3”, which indicates that it is a media file and media applications like Windows Media Player, VLC, etc. can open it.

What are examples of programs use the ENC file format?

Yahoo!, Messenger, BlackIce Firewall, etc.

What are applications that can open ENC file?

Windows, Universal File Viewer, SnifferCapture File, My Personal Programmer Encrypted Distributed Project, etc.

What do I do when I cannot tell what type of file my ENC file is?

Simply download a Universal File Viewer. Examples are File Magic, Free File Viewer, etc. However, there are files that can only be opened in binary format.

How can I open ENC file in Android?

Sometimes, after a file (like a RAR file) transfer is done via Whatsapp, it is configured by Whatsapp so that the file extension reads ‘.enc’. When this happens, users may find it difficult to access the file. There are third-party applications that one can use to access ENC files on Android phones, some of them are, Encdroid, Zarchiver, etc. One can also use online converters like, etc.


It is important to know that this article is not exhaustive as far as solutions to accessing ENC files are concerned, this is not because the article lacks substance, but because, as stated easier, every day, new technology is invented to make life easier for global citizens.

Finally, files are encrypted on purpose, so even after the right application is used, some ENC files may ask for passwords or PINS or other specific information before they allow access to their content.

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