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In this blog, we’ll learn how to open CFG File and what it is. Much like office files that hold pieces of information, computer files do the same. These files can hold readable and editable pieces of information responsible for several functions performed within the computer operating system and software programs.

These files extensions are nothing more than simple identifiers for your computer operating system (Windows or Mac operating system), indicating which program can give you the best access to the stored information within a file on the computer.


What is .CFG File Extension?

Among the several forms of file extensions is the file format “.CFG” which could also be seen as “.CONFIG”. This file extension identifies a configuration file containing sets of instructions (settings or relevant pieces of information) responsible for the running of a computer program, operating system or server.

The file extension is generated automatically when the initial default settings of any application have been modified with the new settings stored in a .cfg extension file.

How to Open CFG File

Configurations (.cfg) file contents stores in different formats. For some configuration files, the contents may be stored as plain texts depicted by readable variables or texts, and binary (ASCII) codes for other unique formats.

Such configuration files are accessible via built-in programs such as Notepad and TextEdit in Windows and Mac operating systems respectively. Plain text files are accessible using any text editing application. However, in other cases, it may contain binary codes (ASCII codes).

How to Open CFG File on PC Windows

  • Firstly, it is locating the CFG file using the “Start” button on the Windows taskbar.
  • Type in the name of the .CFG file in the search box and enter Search.
  • Once the file has been located, right-click on it to display a popup menu. Click on the “Open with” to select the appropriate program for opening and editing CFG files. Such programs available for Windows are Notepad (++), WordPad, Microsoft Visual Code.
  • If these programs are not visible in the drop-down menu, check on the “Choose another app” option. This enables you to get more options to choose.

Note: You can also make that application the go-to file editor and opener for your CFG files by ticking the “Always use this app” option given.

How to Open CFG File on Mac

Follow the below steps to open and edit the .cfg file on the Mac device.

  • Locate the CFG file using the “Finder”. This will involve typing in the CFG file name in the popup window to locate the file.
  • Right-click on the file and select the “Open with” for a view of the several programs available to open the file.
  • Select the choice of CFG file viewer and editor. There are many popular editors are available for Mac such as MacVim, TextMate, MacOS, TextEdit and Sublime Text.
  • However, if these options are not visible, select “other” in the dialogue box to see a drop-down menu of all available programs which could either open or edit the file. You might also need to select the “All applications” to enable a drop-down box to view all disabled programs.

Aside from in-built programs to open CFG files, online CFG Editor platforms such as provide an online CFG text viewing platform to analyze and edit CFG files.


1. What is a .CFG file?

.CFG stands for “Configuration”. It’s a file extension name and performs the function of storing and structuring information for about OS, servers and software programs in a format accessible to the programs that rely on them.

2. How can I view a CFG file?

Because most of the CFG files are plain text files, usually, a simple text editor can open the file. See the answer to the next question for more information on options specific to your computer’s OS.

3. What applications can open CFG files?

For Windows PC: Microsoft Notepad (++), Microsoft WordPad, Notepad, Microsoft Visual Code, Atom, etc.

For Mac PC: TextEdit, MacroMates, TextMate, MacVim, Atom for Mac, Sublime Editor, etc.

4. Why are some CFG files stored using ASCII codes?

This depends on the associated programs whose information is stored on the CFG file. Files stored in codes are protected from viruses and accidental alterations by the computer user.

5. How do I open a CFG file on Android?

File Viewer for Android is a free android app that enables you to open and view over 150 types of files on a mobile android device including the CFG file. It also enables you to manage your files and view hidden data or information stored on a file.

6. How do I change a TXT file to CFG?

There’s really no need to go through any long time-consuming method in converting a TXT file to a CFG file. Simply rename the file name extension (.txt) by the location folder of the TXT file.

Click on the file to view and in the options for “filename extensions”, check the CFG extension and enter. The file will maintain its original name but with a different file extension (.CFG).

7. Where are configurations files stored in Windows?

When you save configuration file, a dialogue box pops up indicating for you to enter a file name and a selected location of the file. In Windows, most of the time configurations files can be available at…>C Local Drive>>Programs>>Program Name>>File name. The configuration file updates and save itself anytime when any changes happen .


In conclusion, .CFG file extensions simply communicate to your computer on whose configuration settings and information they store and how to behave. Hence such system files are considered delicate and must be opened, edited and saved appropriately.

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